School of  Restoration in Rome
The Institute of Art and Restoration of Rome

The Institute of Art and Restoration of Rome, founded in 1982, operates in the field of professional training of paintings on canvas, on panels and frescos with the authorisation of courses on behalf of Legislation 23/92 of the Regione Lazio.
Since its origins the Institute has asserted itself for the efficacy and the validity of the didactic methodologies pursued, thanks also to the collaboration of expert professors and master-restorers who actively operate in the various fields of art and restoration. The fundamental objective of the Institute is that of forming highly qualified operators, furnishing its students who come from different national and international realities, the most valid operative instruments both according to the "charter of restoration" and according to the codified and up-dated techniques, offering, at the same time, new professional openings in the field of the increase in value and conservation of the fine arts.
The buildings and grounds of the Institute also offer, all the qualitative guarantees necessary for the particular kind of work the students will have to execute: the theory classrooms and the restoration laboratories are located in the completely remodelled ancient palace. A real green oasis of serenity away from the deafening noises of the city, even though it is right in the centre of it. Reaching the Institute by public transport is very easy.
The Institute of Art and Restoration of Rome is an avant-garde prestigious international Institute for the formation of young people, because of its range of teaching areas, its technical structure, the fact that there is a limit on students admitted to the courses, its body of professors and techniques taught, and last but not least, its particular location and its traditions.

Where we are in Rome

Istituto Italiano Arte Artigianato e Restauro

We are located in Via Flaminia 79, in the very center of Rome, walking distance from Spanish Steps (Piazza di Spagna) and close to the underground FLAMINIO (Red Line)


Scuola Restauro Roma

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